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Ketevan Gogilashvili Dental Center Albius is one of the leading brands on the market which provides its customers with exclusive and high quality service. 


High-tech equipment, elegant interior design, and carefully selected team of the talented young specialists together with the highly qualified, experienced personnel creates the perfect ambiance for Albius and conditions high pace development of the newly established multi-functional Center. 


The  treatment is provided according to the latest methods and preparations, as the Center is equipped with high-tech diagnostic and dental treatment equipment. All conditions for the dental treatment and education processes are created in conformity with the international standards.


In addition to Dental Clinic, Educational Academy operates in the Center, on the basis of which continuous training of young dentists, interns, exchange of knowledge and quality control is implemented. The Academy has different approach towards training and, with consideration of the obtained results, strives towards achievement of the highest standards in the relevant clinical competences of educational sphere. Continuous dental education can be obtained in theoretical, as well as practical direction. For this purpose, the Center owns educational resource-center, equipped according to international standards, where various master-classes, trainings, lectures, webinars and seminars are conducted every month.


The center also owns International PerioSchool (AiPS), Endodontic School and Dental Management School.

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Tengo Biniashvili

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In recent years, dentistry has been developing more and more in Georgia. Level of awareness of the personnel, patients and demand to the management, administration and services has increased. Increased competition incurred the necessity of quality development.


Issues regarding Infection Control and Radiation Safety were never as popular and important as they are now. Sharing of world practice naturally changes the attitude of the dentists, concept, view and attitude of the clinics.


Creating of this textbook aimed to collect those principle recommendations, which are necessary and recommended for safe working at the modern clinic, effective radiation control, accurate imaging, for maximum safety optimization of the personnel and patients.


On  October 2, 2018, at the Albius Dental Center new textbook presentation was held.


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Our schools

International PerioSchool

The aim of International PerioSchool is to contribute ti the field of periodontology and help develop this field in Georgia. The mission is to provide the education of dentists for preparing specialists with the skills and knowledge necessary to function in the role of a periodontist. 


After completing the program, specialists will be able to independently do periodontal examination, diagnosis, develop individual treatment plans and provide treatment of the patients based on the evidence-based methods, which are successfully used by periodontists in US and Europe

Endodontic School
Dental Management School

In 2015 Dental Management School was established in the Center, Quick development of dental market, its specifics and increased competition has raised the demand for professional managers. Main developmental motivator for dental clinics was governmental regulations. The aim of the school is to develop dental market and training of qualified managers.