Sopo Samkharadze

Cosmetic Dentist, Endodontist, Pedodontist

MD, PhD, Professor
Vice President of Georgian Dental Association, GSA


Sopho Samkharadze studied at Tbilisi State Medical University. In 2000, she got a Foreign Language Education Bachelor's degree, and in 2005 - the academic degree of Doctor of Medicine.


Together with her almost 20 years of medical practice, she is actively engaged in scientific and academic activities. Until 2011, Sopho was an associate professor at Tbilisi State Medical University; in 2012-2016 - she was a professor at Grigol Robakidze University since 2020 she is the head of the Dental Medicine Program at European Univesity.


She was a member of the Academic Council of Tbilisi State Medical University, also of the Council of the Faculty of Dentistry, and Biomedical Research Ethics Committee.


Since 2005, Sopho is a member of the World Dental Federation, and since 2010 a member of the International Dental Academy. Since 2009, she is an editorial board member of the first Georgian Dental Association magazine "GSA-News". In 2014, she became the vice-president of the same organization (GSA).


Sopho is the author of two books and numerous scientific publications.

She has attended training courses in different European countries, at leading dental centers and universities.