Ketevan Gogilashvili Dental Center Albius is one of the leading brands on the market which provides its customers with exclusive and high-quality service. High-tech equipment, elegant interior design, and carefully selected team of the talented young specialists together with the highly qualified, experienced personnel create the perfect ambiance for Albius and conditions high pace development of the newly established multi-functional Center. 


The treatment is provided according to the latest methods and preparations, as the Center is equipped with high-tech diagnostic and dental treatment equipment. All conditions for dental treatment and education processes are created in conformity with international standards.


Ketevan Gogilashvili’s many years of experience became the foundation for the establishment of Albius Dental Center. Having business relations with international and local professional societies and institutions, providing the center with high tech equipment, handpicking highly qualified, experienced personnel and creating the team of talented young specialists are what conditioned high pace development of the multi-functional center.  Albius has achieved immense success in Georgia, along with the recognition among international colleagues. At our center, we focus on the role of evidence-based medicine and its use in practice. Because our knowledge is based on modern guidelines and the latest classifications of nosologies, it is a great help to every dentist and every patient at our center. 


Until now, without a doubt, in Georgia, periodontology has never been an important direction of dentistry. In recent years, the improvement of research and diagnostic techniques, together with technological development, has changed the approach and views of periodontal treatment, increasing its importance in complex treatment throughout the world. For the last five years, we have dissociated ourselves from Russian periodontal diagnostic and treatment classifications (approved in 1983), which is very actively used in the educational process, as well as clinical practice, Georgia.


At Albius, we have been using classifications approved by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), with our patients, as well as in our education processes. This is what distinguishes the approach of our center from other educational institutions and clinics. Each successful case and the satisfied patient is a great motivator for us. 


In addition to Dental Clinic, Educational Academy operates in the Center, on the basis of which continuous training of young dentists, interns, exchange of knowledge and quality control is implemented. The Academy has a different approach towards training and, with consideration of the obtained results, strives towards the achievement of the highest standards in the relevant clinical competencies of the educational sphere. Continuous dental education can be obtained in theoretical, as well as practical direction. For this purpose, the Center owns educational resource-center, equipped according to international standards, where various master-classes, trainings, lectures, webinars, and seminars are conducted every month.


The center also owns International PerioSchool (AiPS), Endodontic School (AiES) and Dental Management School (DMS).