Unforgettable Hands-On Course at PerioSchool


October 12 was an unforgettable day at Albius PerioSchool. The hands-on course of Michèle Reners and Gilles Gagnot was one of the best practical courses we've had at our school.


Due to Albius PerioSchool's fifth year anniversary, we invited ex-presidents of largest periodontal associations to Georgia to conduct a practical course.


Michèle Reners

EuroPerio 9 President (European Federation of Peridontology, EFP), (2013)

President, Belgian Society of Periodontology (2007-20110)


Gilles Gagnot

President, British Society of Periodontology

Active member of European Federation of Peridontology, EFP

Member of American Academy of Periodontology, AAP

Member of International Team for Implantology, ITI

Practical Course:

Ultrasonic Instrumentation For Periodontal Debridement - Hands On




We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to every participant, our sponsors Sprint Dental & Acteon Group, and our speakers!