Zurab Alkhanishvili

Zurab Alkhanishvili
Zurab Alkhanishvili


DMD, M.P.H., MHlthProm

Vice President of Georgian Dental Association, GSA


Zurab Alkhanishvili graduated from Grigol Robakidze Professional (Prosthetic) College in 2005. In 2009 he received the degree of medical doctor in dentistry at the medical faculty of the same university.


In 2010 – 2012 he was enrolled at the joint master degree program of the University of Bergen and Tbilisi State Medical University on “Health promotion, Healthcare Education”, prepared master degree thesis (research) on “Accessibility of Persons with disabilities on Dental Services in Georgia” and received Master Degree in Healthcare Promotion.


He has been attending the Healthcare Research Union’s United States (US) research program “Research Methods in Healthcare” since 2014, he received MBA in Healthcare Management at Ilia State University in 2016. He has been a PhD student of clinical and translational medicine Tbilisi State University since 2016.


In different times he has gone through various certification courses in healthcare policy and healthcare economics and practical courses in Hungary’s Semmelweis University and Egypt’s Alexandria University Students Hospital.


He has worked at the governmental and non-governmental sector, on early childhood development programs and professional communities.

He has been the Manager of “Albius” dental center since 2014. While he has been engaged in publicistic activities since 2006.
He has been the trainer at World Vision International since 2016, expert-facilitator of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (EQE) and member of expert council of academic program accreditation. He has also been assistant-professor of the East European University since 2017.


Professional activities


He has published more than 10 scientific publications, has participated in hundreds of scientific events, he has delivered a lecture at the Lithuanian Dental Chamber’s international congress on “Dentistry for Human Health” (the topic of the lecture was “Characteristics of Dental Treatment among the Children with Autism Spectrum”); addressed the participants of the 11th International Orthodontic Symposium in Prague on “Characteristics of Dental Treatment among the people with Autism Spectrum and Down Syndrome”; 23rd international congress of the Oral Health and Dental Care of People with Disabilities and 28th annual meeting of the Special Needs Dentistry in Chicago (US) on the issue of: “Accessibility of people with development problems and chronical diseases on dental services in Georgia”; at the International Woman’s Leadership Conference on the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) in Barcelona, Spain on “Management of Dental and Medical Services of Pregnant Patients”.


In 2009-2014 he was the President of scientific-research center RADIX, while he has been the Vice-President of Georgian Dental Association since 2014.




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