Endodontic Treatment in Children and Adults

Authored by Ketevan Gogilashvili and Sophio Samkharadze, this manual has garnered positive acclaim from international medical schools. Positioned as a recommended guide for undergraduate, postgraduate teaching, and continuing professional education programs, the book addresses a crucial aspect in the unified educational realm – the creation of a comprehensive endodontics resource.

Considered pivotal for the advancement of the field, this manual aims to align with European and American systems, representing a significant stride toward enhancing oral hygiene on a global scale. Encompassing crucial topics, it serves as an indispensable tool for independent endodontic practice. The content includes detailed discussions on the soft tissue structure of teeth, pulpal and periodontal diseases, methods for direct or indirect pulpal coverage, antiseptic bandages, filling materials, international guidelines and protocols for irrigation, irrigation devices and technologies, as well as manual and rotational intra-canal instruments with usage rules and modern filling methods.

This comprehensive guide extends its focus to pediatric dentistry, shedding light on morphological features of teeth in juniors, and providing insights into treatment and restorations for both children and adults. An integral section of the book is dedicated to traumatic injuries and lesions of deciduous and molar teeth, incorporating international guidelines endorsed by leading clinics and educational institutions worldwide.

Grounded in contemporary scientific evidence and aligned with professional educational standards, the manual strikes a balance with modern guidelines and the latest classification of nosology. Aimed at benefiting undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as dentists seeking to acquire or enhance qualifications in this domain, the book serves as a reliable and up-to-date reference.