We may say that periodontology is one of the dental fields which never was so popular and important as it is today. In recent years, development of research and di-agnostic methods, also technological enhancement changed the vision, approaches of periodentistry and increased its importance in complex treatment.


Besides unified educational programs, international educational standard includes creating of relevant books, suitable for these programs. Major tendencies of the devel-opment for each specific field are given in corresponding books.


In recent years, our field showed the tendency of publishing high quality books in parodontology, which is a very positive fact.


We, the authors of the book, considered it appropriate to create the book, which would be based on the international classification of periodontal diseases created at the International Symposium organized by the American Academy of Periodontology in 1999, which is used in USA and many countries of Europe, as in educational as well as in clinical practice.


Thus, the first part of the book “Basic and Clinical Periodontology” is based on the guidelines created following the international and national experience. Book is the perfect fusion of ultramodern technologies and intellectual work of the American and European Schools. Book illustrations describe the clinical cases of foreign specialists and our Center “ALBIUS”.


Book is mostly suitable for the postgraduate education – PhD, residents and dentists working in periodontology. Present book is only the first part of the book, which thoroughly describes historical background of various classification of periodontal diseases – classifications of Europe and USA, ICD diseases and international health condi-tion stats, Soviet Union and RF; clinical anatomy of periodontal tissues, histology and embryogenesis, inervation, blood supply and lymphatic system, etiology and patho-genesis; According to the international classification, clinic of periodontal diseases and modern diagnostic methods, epidemiology of periodontal diseases.


The second part thoroughly describes the role of the evidence-based medicine in modern periodontology, also surgical and non-surgical methods of periodontal diseas-es, basics of plastic periodontal microsurgery, peri-implantitis and treatment character-istics.


The most difficult thing for us, authors, was to narrate about the evidence-based is-sues to the active doctors interestingly, which, we think is the leading factor in intro-ducing the book. We hope that the first part of the book “Basic and Clinical Periodontology” will be much help to the interested field specialists.


Ilia State University, International PerioSchool of the Dental Center “ALBIUS” and Georgian Dental Association wish success to the professionals working in periodontology and will provide modest contribution in improving their professional education and clinical skills.