Mamuka Gogiberidze

Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Implantologist

Dr. Mamuka Gogiberidze, a distinguished Doctor of Medicine and Professor, is a seasoned Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist with a remarkable career spanning 27 years. His commitment to excellence in the field has positioned him as one of the leading experts in the region.

Dr. Gogiberidze earned his medical degree from the prestigious Tbilisi State Medical Institute, where he later became a respected professor. As a testament to his dedication to advancing dental care, he has authored 14 impactful scientific papers that contribute to the evolving landscape of maxillofacial surgery and implantology.

In recognition of his expertise, Dr. Gogiberidze serves as the Vice President of the Georgian Implant Association and is a valued member of the Georgian Dental Association. His international standing is further underscored by his membership in the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS).

Beyond his academic achievements, Dr. Gogiberidze has actively participated in over 100 international conferences and masterclasses, staying at the forefront of cutting-edge developments in the field. His continuous pursuit of knowledge and commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements make him an invaluable asset to the dental community.

As a Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist, Dr. Gogiberidze brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our dental center. Patients can trust in his comprehensive understanding of complex surgical procedures and innovative implantology techniques. His unwavering dedication to patient care and passion for advancing dental science make Dr. Gogiberidze an indispensable part of our team, ensuring that our dental center provides the highest standard of care to our valued patients.