Salome Khetsuriani

Cosmetic Dentist, Endodontist, Oral Surgeon

Introducing Salome Khetsuriani, a distinguished cosmetic dentist, endodontist, and oral surgeon, recognized as an expert and leader in microsurgical techniques. Salome is renowned for her expertise in tackling highly complicated and intricate dental cases, with a dedicated focus on preserving teeth. She employs advanced techniques such as the surgical method of retrograde apicoectomy, a microsurgical procedure where the tip of the tooth's root is delicately removed to address issues beyond the reach of traditional methods.

A defining characteristic of Salome Khetsuriani is her exceptional speed, a quality that sets her apart in the realm of dentistry. This remarkable attribute allows her to navigate and resolve cases with unparalleled efficiency, tackling challenges that might give other dentists pause. This includes her adeptness in working with orthodontic mini-implants, collaborating closely with our orthodontists to ensure comprehensive and integrated dental care.

Beyond her technical proficiency, Salome has a heart for specialized dentistry, particularly working with individuals with disabilities, boasting years of valuable experience in this field. She creates a supportive environment, ensuring that every patient, regardless of their unique needs, receives the highest standard of personalized and considerate dental treatment.

Since 2007, she has actively contributed to scientific and professional projects facilitated by the Georgian Dental Association. Her dedication to advancing dental research led her to become a board member of the Scientific-Research Center "Radix" in 2012.

In 2016, Salome played a pivotal role in the Ministry of Education and Science's initiative, significantly contributing to the development of new dental profession standards and training programs. Her multifaceted skills, compassionate approach, and commitment to dental excellence make Salome Khetsuriani an integral part of our esteemed dental team.