Zura Iakobishvili

Prosthodontist, Oral Surgeon

Zura Iakobishvili, a graduate of Tbilisi State Medical University, pursued specialized training in prosthodontic dentistry, laying the foundation for his distinguished career. From 2016 to 2021, he dedicated himself to the art of prosthodontics, simultaneously guiding a residency program and sharing his insights through lectures at Caucasus International University.

In 2021, Zura brought his extensive experience and commitment to excellence to the Albus team, where he continues to embody the clinic's tagline: "Smiles speak a universal language." His impact goes beyond conventional standards, with a focus on transforming not just smiles but the lives of his patients. 

Zura's commitment to ongoing learning is reflected in his participation in various master classes and conferences, including the Digital Dentistry Program at DentsplySirona Academy in Bensheim, Germany. His approach is patient-centered, aiming for not only functional but aesthetically pleasing results.

Patients at Albus can attest to the positive change Zura brings to their smiles, underscoring the clinic's commitment to making a difference in each patient's life. Through his expertise, Zura Iakobishvili ensures that every patient leaves with a smile that truly speaks a universal language of happiness and satisfaction.