Understanding Orthodontics: Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in correcting irregularities in the alignment of teeth and jaws, often using braces or other devices to improve both function and appearance.


Why Choose Albius Orthodontists?


Choose Albius Orthodontists for a transformative orthodontic experience. Our team, regularly trained by international leaders in orthodontics, offers a wide range of dental appliances tailored to the unique needs of both kids and adults, ensuring a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal oral health and a radiant smile. We specialize in working with very complex cases, diligently transforming smiles and lives. With an individualized approach to each patient, our multidisciplinary team ensures that every aspect of oral health is addressed during treatment—ensuring healthy gums, robust bone structure, and overall well-being.

At every visit, we meticulously track progress, ensuring that both the patient and the orthodontist are on the path to achieving desired results. Trust Albius orthodontists for a journey towards a confident and beautiful smile.


Transforming Smiles with Albius Orthodontics: Where Every Smile Finds Its Perfection


Not everyone is born with a set of perfect teeth, but fear not—the magic of orthodontic treatment awaits, ready to make a significant difference for you or your child. Orthodontics, the enchanting branch of dentistry, specializes in correcting teeth and jaws that dance out of line. Those crooked teeth and misaligned jaws not only challenge cleanliness but also pose risks of early departure due to tooth decay and periodontal issues. The added stress on chewing muscles can lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome, and even discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and back. Beyond health concerns, misaligned teeth can steal the spotlight from your appearance.


The Marvels of Orthodontic Treatment:


Enter the world of orthodontics, where the rewards are boundless—a healthier mouth, a more captivating appearance, and teeth that stand the test of time. Albius stands as your partner in this transformative journey, offering a spectrum of modern brace systems that redefine smiles.


✨ Self-ligating Braces

✨ Traditional Vestibular and Lingual Braces

✨ Metal and Ceramic


Today's traditional braces are a far cry from their predecessors—lighter, sleeker, and more efficient. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, these braces boast metal brackets attached to each tooth using a special cement. Connected by a delicate archwire, these braces gently guide your teeth into their rightful positions.


For an extra touch of modern magic, some braces sport brackets that bypass the need for ligatures or o-rings. Enter the realm of self-ligating braces, a sleek innovation that simplifies the orthodontic journey.


Your Journey to Perfect Alignment:


At Albius, we understand that perfection is a journey, not a destination. Our orthodontic treatments go beyond the science—they embody the art of crafting smiles that radiate confidence and charm. With each adjustment, your teeth inch closer to alignment, and with every visit, you witness the magic unfold.


Join us on this spellbinding journey to discover the wonders of orthodontics, where each brace system holds the promise of a perfectly aligned, enchantingly beautiful smile. Your transformation awaits, and at Albius, we're here to make every step of your orthodontic adventure a masterpiece. 🌈✨



Effortless Transformation with Damon Braces


In the realm of orthodontic innovation, Damon Braces reign supreme, captivating orthodontists and patients alike with their gentle yet transformative touch. This avant-garde solution is currently stealing the spotlight for its ability to deliver kinder treatment with fewer dental visits, making it a darling among orthodontic enthusiasts.


The Magic of Damon Braces:


Damon braces dance to the beat of their own rhythm, introducing a self-ligating wonder that embraces a slide mechanism instead of traditional elastics to connect the archwires. The result? A symphony of faster results as teeth gain the freedom to move independently, requiring fewer adjustments and causing less friction and pressure. The bonus? A less painful journey to a perfectly aligned smile.


Unveiling the Features:


🌟 Damon Passive Self-Ligating Braces: Bid farewell to the era of elastic or metal "ties" with Damon's tie-less braces, offering a treatment experience without the hassle of tightening.

🌟 Light High-Technology Shape-Memory Wires: These wires are the unsung heroes, orchestrating the movement of teeth at an accelerated pace while demanding fewer adjustments along the way.

🌟 Clinically Proven Treatment Approach: Damon Braces not only align your teeth but also enhance your facial aesthetics, often without the need for extractions or rapid palatal expanders. 


Efficiency Unveiled:

With Damon Braces, the transformation journey is marked by efficiency at every turn. Fewer dental visits mean less time and money spent, as these braces prioritize your comfort and the swift progression of your orthodontic adventure.

Step into a world where orthodontic innovation meets patient-centric care—step into Albius, where Damon Braces redefine the art of effortless transformation. Your journey to a beautifully aligned smile begins here.  


Your Smile Unseen: Discover Damon Clear

In the world of orthodontic discreetness, Damon Clear takes center stage, offering a virtually invisible solution that outshines traditional braces and aligners. As an integral part of the innovative Damon System, Damon Clear seamlessly blends tieless braces with cutting-edge archwires, ensuring a journey that moves teeth swiftly and comfortably, culminating in spectacular smile and facial results.


Why Choose Damon Clear?


🌟 Invisibility Redefined: With Damon Clear, embrace a treatment experience where discretion is paramount. These braces are virtually invisible, ensuring that your smile transformation remains your little secret.

🌟 The Best of Both Worlds: Damon Clear marries the best features of traditional clear braces and invisible aligners, delivering a treatment experience that goes beyond achieving straight teeth.

🌟 Stain-Resistant Brilliance: Unlike some clear or invisible braces that may sport visible metal parts or elastic ties prone to yellowing, Damon Clear takes a different stance. Its tieless design ensures discretion, resilience against staining, and a consistent clarity throughout the entire treatment.


A Symphony of Discreet Brilliance:

Available through skilled orthodontists at Albius, Damon Clear is your silent partner in the quest for a radiant smile. Let the world see your confidence, not your braces. Experience the beauty of unseen transformation—choose Damon Clear, where your journey to a spectacular smile begins and ends with discretion. 🌟




Experience Aesthetic Brilliance with In-Ovation® C


In the pursuit of a radiant smile, In-Ovation® C emerges as a beacon of translucency and comfort. These translucent ceramic brackets redefine orthodontic treatment, offering a swift and pleasant journey with a focus on high aesthetics.


Key Features of In-Ovation® C:

🌟 Translucent Ceramic Brilliance: In-Ovation® C stands as a clear ceramic bracket, blending seamlessly with your teeth while delivering exceptional treatment.

🌟 Self-Ligation Technology: Powered by Interactive™ technology, these brackets empower orthodontists to tailor the level of control needed for each treatment phase. More control translates to heightened effectiveness and efficiency.

🌟 Aesthetics Elevated: With an extraordinary level of translucency and a rhodium-coated clip, In-Ovation® C not only ensures superb functionality but also delights in aesthetics.


Lingual Fixed Appliances: Unveiling Discreet Brilliance

For those who seek the epitome of discreet orthodontic solutions, Albius introduces Lingual Fixed Appliances—braces hidden discreetly on the back of the teeth, away from the conventional front placement.

Incognito™ Lingual Braces: Intelligent Customization for Targeted Results

Step into the realm of Incognito™ Lingual Braces—tailored with intelligent wires and brackets designed to orchestrate precise and targeted results. These braces epitomize the fusion of innovation and discretion, crafting a personalized orthodontic journey that remains hidden from the casual observer.




Unveiling the Benefits of Incognito™ Lingual Braces:

🌟 Discreet Treatment Elegance: Placed discreetly on the back of your teeth, Incognito™ braces offer a virtually invisible solution, allowing you to smile confidently without visible braces on display.

🌟 Tailored Exclusivity: Your orthodontic journey is unique, and so are your Incognito™ braces. Individually designed and crafted just for you, these braces represent the epitome of personalized orthodontic care.

🌟 Comfort Redefined: Experience minimal discomfort and speech interference with Incognito™ Lingual Braces. After a brief adjustment period, you'll find yourself eating and speaking normally, embracing the comfort that comes with discreet orthodontic treatment.

🌟 Swift Elegance, Lasting Results: Witness great results in a short time as Incognito™ Lingual Braces work their magic. This discreet orthodontic solution is designed to deliver impactful outcomes, ensuring your journey to a beautifully aligned smile is both swift and elegant.

At Albius, we believe in the synergy of comfort, discretion, and personalized care. With Incognito™ Lingual Braces, your orthodontic adventure is not just a transformation—it's an exquisite, customized experience that celebrates your unique smile.


Elevate Your Orthodontic Experience with WIN® Lingual Braces

Welcome to a realm of customized brilliance with WIN® Lingual Braces—an orthodontic masterpiece that caters to individual requirements across all age groups. Explore the myriad benefits that make WIN® a symbol of precision and adaptability:



🌟 Exceptional Flatness: WIN® Lingual Braces redefine comfort with an appliance that is exceptionally flat. Experience orthodontic treatment without compromising on elegance and ease.

🌟 Full Customization: The bracket takes center stage as it undergoes complete customization, with its shape perfectly adapted to the unique contours of individual teeth. WIN® ensures that your orthodontic journey is as unique as your smile.

🌟 Precision Through Technology: Embrace predictability in results as the appliance wires are meticulously bent using computer-assisted robot technology. WIN® brings a touch of technological precision to your orthodontic experience.

🌟 Versatility in Complexity: WIN® Lingual Braces shine in versatility, making them suitable for complex cases in most instances. Trust in a system that can address diverse orthodontic challenges with finesse.

We understand the importance of personalized orthodontic care, and WIN® Lingual Braces stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Elevate your orthodontic journey with a system that blends innovation, customization, and versatility seamlessly—choose WIN® Lingual Braces for a uniquely tailored experience. 🌟✨



Guiding Your Child's Smile: The Essence of Early Orthodontic Treatment at Albius


At Albius, we believe in shaping confident smiles from the very beginning, and our early orthodontic treatment stands as a testament to this commitment. Early intervention becomes a transformative journey, leveraging the pliability of your child's jawbones to pave the way for a bright orthodontic future.


🌈 Key Indicators for Early Treatment: Spotting the need for early orthodontic care involves keen observation. If you notice any of these characteristics or behaviors in your child, it's time for a conversation with our orthodontic experts:

✓ Timing Matters: Early or late loss of baby teeth could signal the need for intervention.

✓ Alignment Challenges: Misaligned teeth, improper bites, or crowding might become apparent as early as seven or eight years old.

✓ Breathing and Habits: Mouth breathing, thumb-sucking beyond five years, or noticeable jaw shifts during mouth movements warrant attention.

✓ Speech and Functionality: Difficulties in speech, biting, or chewing should be addressed early on.

🌟 The Power of Early Treatment: By commencing orthodontic care while the jawbones are still soft, we unlock a realm of benefits. Early treatment minimizes the need for extensive procedures, extractions, or surgeries in adulthood. It is not just a correction; it's a preventive measure laying the groundwork for a healthy, stable, and confident smile in the future.

Trust Albius for early orthodontic care—where each intervention is a step towards a lifetime of radiant smiles. 🌟✨



LM-Activator™: Crafting Smiles with Gentle Precision

Embark on a journey of orthodontic excellence with the LM-Activator™—an anatomically designed marvel that redefines the approach to orthodontic treatment. Tailored for optimal alignment, this activator seamlessly combines functionality and comfort, setting new standards in dental care.

🌟 Key Features:

Anatomy-Driven Design: LM-Activator™ is meticulously crafted to align teeth and activate mandibular growth, making it a cornerstone for Class II correction. Its anatomical precision ensures a gentle yet effective influence on dental arch length, addressing crowding concerns.

Supporting Natural Growth: This activator goes beyond correction—it supports the healthy growth of teeth and jaws in a way that resonates with the natural dynamics of oral development. The result is not just alignment; it's a harmonious progression.

Nighttime Ally: LM-Activator™ understands the importance of convenience. Designed to be removable, it becomes a silent partner in your orthodontic journey, predominantly contributing to progress during the night.

Comfort Redefined: Crafted from flexible and clear medical-grade silicone, LM-Activator™ ensures a comfortable experience. Its fully biocompatible and additive-free composition underscores a commitment to your well-being.

At Albius, we introduce you to a transformative orthodontic tool that embraces precision, comfort, and natural growth—LM-Activator™, where each night becomes a step closer to your radiant smile. 🌙✨




Unlocking Potential: Palatal Expanders in Orthodontic Care

Palatal Expanders stand as transformative tools in orthodontics, offering a delicate yet impactful approach to broadening the upper jaw. At Albius, we employ these expansion appliances with precision and care, aiming to enhance the harmony and functionality of your bite.

🌐 How Palatal Expanders Work: Designed to address a narrow upper jaw, Palatal Expanders exert gentle lateral pressure on the two halves of the maxilla, initiating a gradual widening process. When executed with precision, this technique encourages bone growth in the middle, effectively expanding a once-constricted maxilla to achieve the proper width.

🌟 Benefits of Palatal Expansion:

Improved Bite: Palatal Expanders contribute to the harmonious alignment of your bite, fostering enhanced functionality.

Space Creation: The expansion process may create additional space, facilitating the smooth eruption of permanent teeth.

Precision and Care: Our approach to palatal expansion prioritizes precision and patient comfort, ensuring a journey that aligns with your orthodontic goals.

Embrace the potential for transformation with Palatal Expanders at Albius—where each application is a step toward a broader, well-aligned, and harmonious smile. ✨🌐





Twin Blocks: Elevating Comfort, Accelerating Correction

Experience the innovation of Twin Block appliances—a dynamic solution for rapid functional correction. At Albius, we introduce this removable marvel designed for 24/7 wear, ensuring not just correction but also elevated comfort throughout your orthodontic journey.

🔗 Dual Dynamics: The Twin Block appliance operates as a harmonious duo, featuring two separate components seamlessly working together. The upper plate, equipped with an optional expansion screw, stands ready to widen the upper arch when necessary. Pads for molar coverage ensure comprehensive functionality. On the lower plate, dedicated pads cover the lower bicuspids.

🔄 Interlocking Precision: These two appliances interlock at a strategic angle, orchestrating a symphony of movement that propels your lower jaw forward. The result? A locking mechanism that positions your lower jaw ideally when you bite. This temporary adjustment sets the stage for a permanent corrected position—an evolution that unfolds with each wear.

Comfort Redefined: Embrace the freedom of 24-hour wear without compromising comfort. Twin Blocks at Albius are crafted for a high comfort level, ensuring that your journey towards correction is not just effective but also pleasant.

Step into the realm of rapid functional correction with Twin Blocks at Albius—where comfort and correction converge for a transformative orthodontic experience. 🔄✨





Preserving Smiles: The Role of Space Maintainers in Preventive Orthodontics

In the delicate dance of dental development, primary teeth play a pivotal role in guiding their permanent counterparts into their rightful positions. However, unforeseen circumstances like accidents or dental ailments may prematurely bid adieu to these guiding companions. Enter the hero of the hour—the Space Maintainer.

🚀 What is a Space Maintainer? A Space Maintainer is the unsung champion in orthodontics, a device designed to safeguard the void left by prematurely lost primary teeth. Its mission is clear: to prevent neighboring teeth from embarking on a chaotic journey of shifting and drifting, ensuring the smooth passage for the eventual arrival of permanent teeth.

🔒 Preserving Precious Spaces: The simplicity of a Space Maintainer belies its significance. This unassuming orthodontic appliance diligently keeps the designated space open, akin to a guardian holding the door ajar for a VIP—here, the VIP being the incoming permanent tooth. By maintaining this space, the device becomes a time-saving emissary, sparing your child potential months of future orthodontic treatments.

The Road to a Seamless Smile: In the realm of preventive orthodontics, Space Maintainers at Albius pave the way for a seamless smile journey. It's not just about preserving spaces; it's about preserving the joy that comes with a naturally aligned, confident smile.

Embark on a journey of dental preservation with Space Maintainers—because every smile deserves a well-guided entrance into the world. 🚀😁




Unveiling Confidence: The Face Mask Appliance in Orthodontics

In the grand symphony of orthodontics, the Face Mask Appliance takes center stage as a transformative one-piece wonder. Crafted with precision, this appliance boasts a stainless steel framework, featuring adjustable forehead and chin pads along with a strategically placed "cross piece."

🌟 The Core Mission: At its core, the Face Mask Appliance orchestrates a harmonious movement—a carefully calibrated dance that brings the upper jaw forward and downward. Imagine it as a conductor guiding the melody of dental alignment, setting the stage for a symphony of confident smiles.

🕰️ Time-Tested Elegance: Wearing this orthodontic accessory becomes a ritual, a commitment to the rhythm of dental enhancement. Advocating consistency, the Face Mask requests its debut on the stage for a minimum of 12-14 hours daily. The preference is for it to grace the spotlight at home and during the peaceful hours of sleep.

💫 The Unseen Transformation: While the Face Mask discreetly carries out its duties, its impact is profound. Like a backstage magician, it works its magic behind the scenes, ensuring that each subtle adjustment propels you closer to a beaming, aligned smile.

🚀 Your Smile's Conductor: In the realm of orthodontics at Albius, the Face Mask Appliance isn't just an accessory—it's your smile's conductor. With every wear, it's sculpting a future where confidence radiates from a perfectly orchestrated alignment.

Step into the spotlight with the Face Mask Appliance, and let the transformation begin. 🌟😁