Dental implants are today's solution to missing teeth. They restore chewing efficiency and aesthetic appeal to your smile.   


What is a dental implant?


A dental implant is a kind of artificial root inserted in the jawbone. Depending on the defect different structured may be fixed on implants – crown, bridge, or denture. Titanium implants are the oldest and still the most common type of dental implants. Its effectiveness is well studied and proved by decades.


How long do dental implants last?


The success of implantation depends not only on the quality of the implant itself, the doctor’s skills and the patient’s compliance but also on the patient’s general health. Therefore, if you decided to have dental implants, some examinations should be done for general health assessment. 

A patient’s motivation is one of the most essential factors which determine the success of implantation. To put it into perspective good oral hygiene, daily maintenance and regular visits to the dentist are very important.